Why is it that just when things seem to be going well, your uninvited friend, boredom, shows up? I think this is 99% of the cause for the rise of Donald Trump. We’ve had something like seven straight years of GDP growth. And yet the growth has been mostly “meh.” This might also explain how the 5th Jason Bourne movie can gross $61 million in its first weekend. The latest version of an aging franchise is more exciting than life in America right now. In our personal lives the same holds true. You reach a certain point in your career and things start to get easier. People start asking you questions and looking to you for advice. Could this really be happening, you say to yourself? Some people get off on that, I’m sure. Me, I start to wonder if something is wrong! The good thing is that something interesting always seems to emerge after times like these. You need to keep your eyes and ears open for what’s around the corner. I mean, who saw the internet or the iPod coming?