A Twitter Plan

It has happened. I have been blocked by Twitter from following any more people. I follow 2001 and people and I have 1200 followers. The good news is that I have doubled the number of followers I have in the last year. The bad news is that I have yet to “find my voice” on the site. There’s something about it that I find intimidating. It’s the same fear that I have at any social event. I prefer intimate conversations. I’m not great at working the room. And yet I love Twitter. It fascinates me.

My first reaction when getting blocked was to think, “Now I really have to start Tweeting.” The fact is that I much prefer to read and react to others Tweets than put myself out there. It’s the same with this blog. It’s really hard for me to be satisfied with anything I say. I labor over every word.

Natalie Goldberg recommends that we write about our obsessions. My obsessions are: the rock band Rush and music in general; the Gene Keys; sports, especially baseball; marketing; books, especially good literature; building websites and learning how the web works; cool design; playing guitar; God and religion; cars. Not necessarily in that order. I guess I better get writing Tweets about what I love. Sigh.