Dance more.

I am on page 189 of Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal. She opens the chapter with three recommendations for daily life from positive psychology manuals:

Practice random acts of kindness twice a week.

Think about Death for five minutes every day.

Dance more.

I have heard the recommendation about practicing random acts of kindness and I have often longed for more dancing in my life. The notion that modern psychology would recommend the medieval practice of “the death’s head” is highly intriguing. I did it today, thinking for a few minutes about my dying friend and listening to the beating of my heart which will stop some day. It actually made me feel better. But how will it make me feel in two weeks? Maybe Jane has an answer to the problem of dryness. Random acts of kindness scare me. I have been taken advantage of too many times. Dancing more I think I can handle.

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